Standalone SMART Signage.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, Samsung’s standalone displays
ensure a consistently clear presentation while also maintaining a compact and
stylish design. The powerful TIZEN operating system elevates graphic quality,
while a System-on-Chip (SoC) composition eliminates the need for external
media players.

Video Walls

As more businesses turn to video walls to enhance communication, Samsung’s
comprehensive and customizable options accommodate any professional need.
The extreme narrow bezel UH55F-E video wall (1.7mm. bezel-to-bezel width)
symbolizes Samsung’s commitment to delivering a near-seamless multi-display
A non-glarepanel alsoevenly distributes
light while improving local uniformity, bringing out the best in featured content.

Outdoor SMART Signage.

Samsung’s all-in-one outdoor signage lineup enables businesses to pique customers’

interest at the first possible contact point. Featuring a slim-depth (85
mm.) design and intuitive operations, the OHF Series displays ensure durable
24/7 performance even in the most extreme temperatures. A thorough integrated

features package, including ingress protection, anti-reflection technology,

a cooling system, equips the OHF Series for longterm
against a host of natural
and human variables.

MagicInfo Solution

With Samsung’s MagicInfo platform, users can create, schedule and deploy content across single displays or multi-display networks from a single location.
The web-based platform is compatible with nearly all major operating systems, de-vices and browsers, and offers content managers a range of ready made team-plates and image and text options guaranteed to suit any business or brand need.